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Mountain Lake

Abundant Life Psychiatric Services, LLC

John 10:10

Currently Accepting New Patients

Ages 6 Years & Older

Licensed in Georgia and Florida

Telehealth Services & In-Office Services

Break the Mold!

The healthcare system in America is broken. This is not new information for those working in healthcare and those who need healthcare. The trust in the patient-provider relationship has diminished and health insurance companies control cost and treatment options. The current system has not been working and it is time for us to find options outside the status quo of the American healthcare system.

Why the Direct Care Payment Model?

We have based our payment model off the model seen in Direct Primary Care clinics. Direct Primary Care clinics do not accept insurance. Because of this, they can provide healthcare at a much more affordable cost while increasing patient access to their providers, allowing providers to have the time to build a better relationship with their patients. As a result, quality of care increases and provider burnout decreases. Seeing the success of the Direct Primary Care clinics, we questioned why this couldn’t be applied to psychiatry.

Focusing on the Uninsured and Under-Insured

Not everyone has health insurance or meets qualifications for Medicare or Medicaid. When a practice decides to accept insurance, they are forced to increase the cost of their services. Insurance companies require hours of paperwork and often do not want to cover the services that are provided. This leads to practices either having to hire people specifically for insurance claims or outsourcing medical billing to another company. To put it simply, it costs time and money to accept insurance without a guarantee of being paid. We would much rather dedicate that time to our patients’ needs while decreasing the cost of our services. With our initial assessment being only $150.00 and our monthly direct pay plan of $75.00 a month, we are able to provide high quality care at a reasonable price.

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