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Our office is located at
95 Golden Hills Drive
Suite D
Mountain City, GA 30562

Who We Are

Ira Racadag is a board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner. He has lived in Rabun County since 2017 and has seen how the psychiatric shortage negatively affects the community. Ira and his wife, Deborah, have worked in a variety of mental health settings since 2015. Throughout this time, they have witnessed how the current healthcare system is broken, negatively impacting healthcare workers, patients, and their relationship of trust.


Integrated Psychiatry

Patient centered care is central to successful treatment. This means respecting the patient as an equal member on the healthcare team and tailoring treatment to their individual needs, daily lives, and goals. Integrated psychiatry is the combination of traditional western medicine and complimentary medicine. Whole person care involves physical, mental, and spiritual health. We offer Rife therapy for a variety of ailments and starting January 2025 we will start to offer herbalist consultation appointments, for established clients looking to add natural solutions to their psychiatric plan of care.

Provider Access

We want our clients to be able to see us as much as they feel is needed. While medications are being adjusted, the client should be seen by the psychiatric provider every 2-4 weeks. Once a client no longer requires medication adjustments, they only need medication management appointments with their psychiatric provider every 3 months. We offer affordable monthly payment plans and allow clients flexibility to move their total annual appointments as needed.



Building a relationship of trust requires transparency. Transparency means being straight forward with costs, diagnoses, and treatment options. Building this relationship is the responsibility of both the provider and patient and is crucial to positive patient outcomes.

What About Insurance?

We currently do not accept insurance. Instead, we offer monthly direct pay plans that patients can select based off what they need and can afford. Monthly direct pay plans are not eligible for insurance reimbursement or to be covered by a flex savings or health savings account. If clients want to submit a claim to their private insurance for out-of-network reimbursement, they must pay our flat rate prices. We then provide the required itemized statement for reimbursement and basic directions on how to file your claim. This allows our clients to decide which option is most affordable for them while helping us keep our prices affordable for those without insurance. Please check with your insurance to verify if they reimburse for out-of-network providers.

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