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Medication Assisted Treatment

Starting February 1, 2024 we will begin offering medication assisted treatment for patients struggling with substances abuse. Patients must actively be involved in substance abuse counseling with one of our partnering counselors and sign a release of information for their counselor and us to communicate regularly about their treatment.

Requirements for Medication Assisted Treatment

Currently Active in Substance Abuse Counseling

A counselor at Mustard Seed may refer a client to us. If the client initiates contact with us, they must have an appointment scheduled with Mustard Seed within two weeks of starting treatment. We are actively searching for additional substance abuse counselors to partner with that practice evidence based interventions and share our values.

Sobriety and Treatment Goals

To maintain sobriety the client must be actively working towards short-term and long-term treatment goals as determined with their substance abuse counselor.

Monthly Drug Testing

The client must consent to monthly drug testing. This can be performed in our office or another medical facility.

In Office Appointments

The client must be seen in office monthly. At the start of treatment the client may need to be seen every two weeks until their medication is stable.

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