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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have insurance. What do I need to know about coverage and reimbursement? A: We are considered out of network with all insurance companies. Insurances will not cover or reimburse for monthly plans. If you pay the flat rate, we are more than happy to provide you with the needed information to file your own claim with your insurance. However, each insurance varies in what or if they will cover for out of network providers. Medicaid and Medicare will not cover out of network providers. Private insurance will, depending on the plan you are on. Call the number on the back of your insurance card or look at your plan to find out if your insurance will reimburse you. We cannot control what medications your insurance decided it will or will not cover. We are happy to fill out a prior authorization if your insurance contacts us and requests one. Most Medicaid and Medicare plans will cover the majority of medications we prescribe. Please check with your individual plan.

Q: What ages do you treat? A: Ages 6 and up.

Q: My child has an appointment, do I have to be present during the appointment? A: Yes, a parent or guardian must accompany a child to all appointments.

Q: My child has an appointment, can I attend without them? A: No, the child must be present for all appointments. The child must be assessed at every visit.

Q: I am a very busy person. Can I attend a telehealth appointment while riding or driving a vehicle? A: No, you must be stationary in a location with privacy and stable cellular/internet connection.

Q: I am concerned about side effects of a medication. How can I get in touch with you? A: If this is a medical or psychiatric emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. Otherwise, prescribers are not available by phone or email. You must schedule a medication follow up to be properly assessed. No medication changes will be made outside of appointments.

Q: I am out of medication that you prescribed. What do I do? A: First, contact your pharmacy to see if you have a prescription or refill ready. If none are available, contact us by email or phone. For privacy purposes, emails will be responded to by phone. Note: If you are out of medication because you missed an appointment, please schedule a medication return as soon as possible.

Q: Can I see the doctor? I am not comfortable seeing the nurse practitioner. A: At this time, only the nurse practitioner is availbale for services.

Q: How do I send my medical records to you? A: Fax: 762-212-4368

Q: How do I send medical records from you to someone else? A: Sign a release of information and provide us the name, phone number, and fax of the recipient.

Q: I am a North Carolina resident. Can I see you? A: Not at this time but please check back at a later date, as this may change.

Q: I am a Florida resident. Can I see you? A: Yes! However, we cannot prescribe any controlled substances in Florida at this time.

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