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Deborah Racadag, BSN-RN

     Deborah Racadag graduated in 2014 as a Registered Nurse from West Virginia University, Parkersburg and is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Pharmacognosy (Medicinal Herbalism) at Kingdom College of Natural Health. Her and her husband, Ira, are active members at their church and in the community. Throughout her career Deborah has worked with children, adults and the elderly. Her nursing background consists of psychiatric hospitals, community mental health, mental health crisis intervention and assessment, correctional nursing, dialysis, and medical administration. Deborah is a medical surveyor for the Medical Association of Georgia and assists with in person audits for correctional facilities within the state of Georgia. Deborah and Ira have two children. Hobbies include raising poultry, beekeeping, and gardening.

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