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“You’re the best doctor I’ve had in years” “Wow, you are pretty thorough” “I feel loved again” “No one has ever asked me that…that’s a good question!” “…this was an answer to  prayer!” “I have seen so many doctors and one has ever figured this out before! Thank you”


These are a few of the responses that clients have told me over the years. They demonstrate how deeply invested I am in them. I am invested in them because Jesus Christ is deeply invested in me.


The Bible says that each person is given a gift (1 Peter 4:10).

By God’s providence and continual work in me by the Holy Spirit, I have become adept in assessment, diagnosis, medication management, and practical (but effective) solutions. In simple terms—I figure things out and fix them.


The healthcare system is broken because we live in a broken world. The heart of the matter is this—there are few healthcare providers that genuinely care for their patients. However, by God’s mercy and grace, he has empowered some individuals in our world to be a light in the darkness. God continues to work in us to be that light in the community.  How can we be a light in your world?

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